LED Light Strips

With the introduction of LED Light strips, we are able to create a number of products that has been hard to produce before. We now have a number of different types of light strips that you can choose from:
5630 Single Colour 60LED per Meter. The newest kid on the block, producing 30% more light that the 5050 range. However with the brightness comes heat issues, this is one product that shows alot of potential, however you would need to watch out for the heat emitted. 
5050 Single Colour 60LED per Meter. One of the most commonly used strips used in the industry today, each LED modules contains 3 light sources and hence produces 3 times the amount of light compared to the 3528 series. This is also used in the RGB light strips. 
3528 Single Colour 60LED / 120LED per Meter. This is where LED light strips took the spot light, where it all began.
335 Side Emitting Single Colour 120 LED / Meter.

RGB Version 3 - 134 Patterns NOW AVAILABLE

94 Patterns not enough for you? This should provide you with the sparkles you want!
That's right, 134 patterns! This is certainly the most exciting product that can bring the attention home to you! With a brand new controller, you now have the ability to expand your control to well over 200 meters! Call us now for a onsite demonstration of our Version 3 light strips! [Gallery Coming Soon...]

RGB Version 2 - 94 Patterns

The number of patterns that is now available means that you will become the center of attention no matter where you apply the strips. Using a radio remote, you will be able to control the action from far away. And with the controller able to controll up to 50m, this will be more than perfect for those extra large projects. There are many ways of using the RGB2 Light Strips, however there are restrictions as to what strips that can be used where and when. Come and talk to us and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and recommend the right products for your home/office/school projects.
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RGB Version 1 - Mood Lighting

Imagine being able to change colours on your light strips without the need to install 3 or more strips of lights, RGB Version 1 combines the three basic colours in each LED to bring you 16 colours that you can choose from. powered by a tiny controller, you will be able to control up to 20m of the strips with a single controller. Each roll comes in lengths of 5 meters, however you can cut the strips down to suit your needs. If you are looking for something that sets the mood for the whole room or what ever application you use, then this is the one for you! Come and talk to us and let us show you what you can do with our light strips. The potential of RGB1 is limitless, what ever you have in mind, what ever you want to lit up, come and talk us, we are more than happy to help you complete your projects with the right products.